Friday, March 06, 2009

More DipShits

There is no research being done here and I do not watch this show at all except when my fiance had it on the other night for the 13 hour season finale.

This is the worst television I have ever seen. My fiance was watching it and I got a gist of what was going on.The guy is a FuckWad.....(But Mom approves)The little kid is being manipulated. -No comment needed.The dumpee (while hot) -should punch the other chick, Mommas boy and my television. The bachelor - will hit on the male host of the show eventually.the heir apperent - must give good head. So thats what i think of that collasal train wreck.

Speaking of train wrecks

Tonya Harding lashes out at President Obama

PORTLAND -- In a recent interview for HBO's "Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel," Oregonian and infamous figure skater Tonya Harding lashed out about President Obama’s use of her name in a past speech.
Back when he was still on the campaign trail in 2007, Barack Obama talked about how the pundits said he should “knee cap her” or “do a Tonya Harding on the front runner,” referring to his main contender at the time, then U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton

He has this country to think about, he has the candidacy to think about, he has the war to think about, and he has to bring me up? What the hell is important in this world today?” she responded.
“But guess what, I get jobs (BLOW JOBS) because he used my name on national television, because people forgive who Tonya Harding is. All publicity is good publicity.”

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Winco House of Horrors

You know those couples where the guy is a complete dead beat and is incapable of doing anything. Well the other day we were in the Grocery store and the couple in front of had their provebial heads up their butt.

Winco, the fine (sic) grocery store and mis-fit collection that it is, requires customers to bag their own groceries. The couple in front of us had no grasp of this. As their groceries accumulated in the conveyor belt this couple just chitted and chatted and did nothing to get their groceries into bags. One must excuse my myopia as we were in a bit of a hurry as we were meeting somebody in the next hour.

Finally half the couple in front of us suddendly realized they had to bag. Of course Mr Man of the Couple just stood and chatted inane bullshit while his partner packed all of the groceries. I see this kind of behavior all the time. But this was a gay couple and it was a bit unexpected. Some people argue wrongly that giving gay couples the right to marry gives them extra rights.

I beg to differ, as was proven to me that one partner in a relationship being a complete tool and dip shit gives the entire gay community the absolute right to marry and prosper.