Tuesday, June 27, 2006

OSU and Being Bold

I sat and watched the college world series yesterday and it was an intriguing game. Oregon ended up winning 3 -2 with the game going to the final out .

One play sticks in my mind. The score was tied 2-2. Two balls and two strikes and 2 outs and what did North Carolina try to do; they tried stealing home. The man on third dashed toward home and slid head first.while the batter was swinging at the same place the man on third was sliding. And to complicate matters the pitcher for Oregon State un-corked the most perfect curve ball which the North Carolina batter had little chance of hitting thus making the steal of home a moot point.

That is not the point, I always consider anything from North Carolina as conservative but trying to steal home in the bottom of the eight with the score tied takes guts. I will always remember seeing that one play with a deviation of an inch either way may have changed the out come completely, ignoring the inherent danger of sliding headfirst into home as another person is swinging. It was good theatre and it was sports in its purest form.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Almost Murder of One

Almost Murder of One

I was walking along 25th and Davis and there
was a giant dumpster where some young adults
were tossing some junk into a dumpster.

They were basically cleaning out an old house.

All of sudden from the other side of the dumpster
a black disk came flying toward us.
Of course Marina asks what it was. I said to
her that it was an old photograph album.  It was
an old Peggy Lee record.

I, without thinking,  picked up the record and
tossed it back into the dumpster in an over head Ultimate
Frisbee kind of way.  It was funny how that record just took
flight.  It flew straight over the dumpster
and kept going and going.  

All the sudden I was worried
that this disk had hurt somebody.
I ran around the dumpster and the
and the three men had a startled look
on their faces.

I wonder if it would have hit them if
it would have actually chopped their heads off.

Luckily it missed.

Monday, June 05, 2006

This is very gay

I am sitting here reading a poll from my home town. (The Reading Eagle)
The poll asks.
Should the United States Constitution be amended to prohibit same-sex marriages? the results
58 percent said no and 42 percent said yes.

That my home town. Where gays are not all that common.
Its a blue collar town.

What the Fu*k does Congress think it is trying to accomplish by using
the constitution to ban gay marriage.

Remember the constitution was written back whem you had to pack, pack, pack
a musket just to get it to spray all over the place.

So heres my suggestion, for all all people who are insecure with their sexuality
and think a constitutional amendment is needed to keep ones sexual

Instead of a constitutional amendment (thats kind of permanant), so if you are wavering in
the wind and you want something to tell the world you are not gay, it is recomended to put
this classic on your muscle car. (As seen at the top of this brillant essay).

Thats the way a democracy works.

I am calling my congess person right now to ask to have those stupid mud flaps declared only legal on flag day. And yes I spelled that right.