Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Loser Collection

People who work Hard at Being MisFits Add Image

I wonder where Richard Henry Berkey, 63, of Beaverton, is these days the world famous Peeping Dick

As well as Michael James Kuhnhausen, 58 the jizz Mopper by day and hit Man by night.

And then there is this recent legend who drives coolers around town on a cooler and gets a DUI.

And this guy who doesn't like gay sweaters. McCain Unraveled by 'Gay Sweaters'?

Monday, June 23, 2008

Handy as I am

So the room upstairs needed an air conditioner. I purchased the air conditioner at Costco which is border line panic for me anyway. I am surprised I do not hate that place more than I do. Well it started getting hot this week so i decided to tackle the job of putting the air conditioner in.

With sweat on my brow and my glasses on I,

1. Read the instrucions (guys do that sometimes)
2. Get Drill , screw Driver etc.
3 Proceed.

For the most part I screwed where screwing was needed and put everything in place. One must remember we were three stories in the air and this 75 pound Air Conditioner was designed to dangle out the window. I am still skeptical.

Well everything was put in place and the damn window would not shut. So I called my neighbor over for a sanity check. It was not the perfect omen as he walked in looking like he escaped from the emergency room, apparently he had crashed his bike earlier in the day. So my neighbor checks my work and says it all looks pretty good and Bob almost proceeds to send the air conditioning unit hurtling to a three story demise. (Don't worry it would have died before hitting the ground, so I am told). We made a few adjustments and the window was fairly snug and the air conditioner seemed to be humming away and keeping the third story cool. Cool.

Until this morning, when we were sleeping at 6 oclock this morning and we were awakened by a really loud crashing sound.

I still don't know what that crashing sound was.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Obama on Race

I Remember growing up in Pennsylvania being told
that people of colour were different.
I was told to be afraid of them.
The trash can collection guy was very black.
I remember being afraid of him.
This little reflection stayed with me.
It was secretly ingrained in me,
and it came out one day in the break room of a part time job I had.

I was eating lunch with a girl who was black.
I never thought of her as being black.
She was a friend that I was having lunch with.
As I was eating my sandwich ,
and I took a chip out of the bag
and It was burnt and singed in a way.

Without thinking I reacted and
referred to the chip as a NIGGA chip...
A deadly silence ensued.
It was deadly silence that has stayed with me my
entire life.
I was stunned as I thought to my self that this type of
think was almost automatic when growing up in Pennsylvania.

It made me sick and changed my out look as how I looked at

It was that moment of silence that has haunted me
for much of my adult life.

I watched the primaries in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and everywhere
else and that moment of silence bubbles up in my conscience.
In exit polls, 20% of voters ADMITTED that race was a factor in their
decision to vote for Hillary. That means that a whopping 20% admitted to racism.
How many more racially motivated votes were cast without admission?

How many people are voting like this without really thinking?

On the bright side we are raising a generation of kids who have allot less
racial motivation as witnessed by the young people flocking to the campaigns.

Unfortunately I do not have a solution here, but rather a a hope that people take
a few minutes to listen to the candidates. Listen to what they have to say regardless
of race or gender. We are a better country than a place where 20 percent of the
population votes because of race.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

On Dating

The story is even better when you hear the recounting of the dates from hell that made up those 7.......on one date I was 100% convinced that she had set me up on candid camera. I was basically flying through the 7 so I could be done with it and tell her I met the goal. Classic me. But then I started really looking at it like a second job...and I began to relish the comedic opportunities my dating presented - I could be even more of the life of a party with the stories I began to share.And then after a little more time - I actually started meeting people that I could fathom actually seeing for a second date. Then friends started calling and telling me that knew someone I had to meet. It was all a very fascinating evolution.And then I met you......and wasn't ready to even think about dating just one person.....and because of that - over time, it became glaringly apparent that you were everything I had ever wanted or needed....and that being in your company was the best possible way to spend time (except with Riley, of course!).......and that I wanted the year of dating lots of people to be over so that 2008 could be the year when the rest of my life began.You can wipe the tear out of your eye now. :) You know I'm a total sap.