Monday, June 23, 2008

Handy as I am

So the room upstairs needed an air conditioner. I purchased the air conditioner at Costco which is border line panic for me anyway. I am surprised I do not hate that place more than I do. Well it started getting hot this week so i decided to tackle the job of putting the air conditioner in.

With sweat on my brow and my glasses on I,

1. Read the instrucions (guys do that sometimes)
2. Get Drill , screw Driver etc.
3 Proceed.

For the most part I screwed where screwing was needed and put everything in place. One must remember we were three stories in the air and this 75 pound Air Conditioner was designed to dangle out the window. I am still skeptical.

Well everything was put in place and the damn window would not shut. So I called my neighbor over for a sanity check. It was not the perfect omen as he walked in looking like he escaped from the emergency room, apparently he had crashed his bike earlier in the day. So my neighbor checks my work and says it all looks pretty good and Bob almost proceeds to send the air conditioning unit hurtling to a three story demise. (Don't worry it would have died before hitting the ground, so I am told). We made a few adjustments and the window was fairly snug and the air conditioner seemed to be humming away and keeping the third story cool. Cool.

Until this morning, when we were sleeping at 6 oclock this morning and we were awakened by a really loud crashing sound.

I still don't know what that crashing sound was.

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