Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Birth control for the Feet

5 Toed Vibram running shoes arrived on Saturday. I ordered these shoes because my back and legs ache from running. More often than not I want to stop as opposed to keep running.

I missed my soccer game on Saturday and made the best of it and took the vibrams out for a test run not before actually taking 5 minutes to get on the shoe.

Aligning the toes was a piece of work and they are unconventionally tight. Despite this they seemed to be cool and comfortable.

Run One (Sat June 26th) - Was one of those see how it goes run. I half expected to pull up lame having a part of my leg or back aching but I kept going. It was 3.0 miles at a fairly slow pace but all in all it did not go all that bad. I was warned that my calves would hurt and the did not. (3.0 miles in 28 minutes). It should be noted it was a beautiful day with a beautiful breeze and when everything does not hurt you notice such things.

Run Two - (Sun June 27th) -A bold move running 2 days in a row and especially the morning after. things again went well with another splendid day. (3.5 miles in 33 minutes)

Run Three -(Monday June 28th) - At the start of the Oregon Kahuna hash run a friend I have not seen in 11 year tells me I got heavy. Not running health for a year tends to do that. STFU Steve it is nice to see you. I emerge out of the first shiggy batch with brambles and briar's stuck between the toes. (Never thought of that). Then we run down a rocky rail road patch  (Never thought of that). and all in all it did not feel all that bad. My speed is still not there but I have enjoyed running the last few days. Oh yeah i walked about 1.7 miles with my wife before that.  (5 miles in who knows).

I am expecting a set back somewhere but none has come of yet. Need to learn to run on my toes. Tonight's goal is for 40 minutes.
Here I sit 3 months later and the shoes are great and I am back to 30 miles a week, with only minor problems like when I set them next to the bed my wife asks me. WHAT STINKS

Friday, June 18, 2010

We Wuz Robbed!

We Wuz Robbed! (The Hand Gun Nation was robbed)

JOHANNESBURG (AP)—Maurice Edu kicked the ball into the net just before the 86th minute. American players jumped around wildly, thinking they had capped a historic comeback, turning a two-goal, first-half deficit into a 3-2 victory over Slovenia.

“Then I heard the whistle,” Edu said
Referee Koman Coulibaly of Mali had called it off.
Over and over, American players asked, “Why?”
In English. Then in French. (Yes ironically in French)

Fans & players have a right to be livid after a referee cost the US team a place in World Cup history. An excerpt when Ireland was denied a place on the Center stage because of a disputed hand ball.

FIFA, the governing body of international football (soccer to Americans), rejected a request by the Football Association of Ireland to replay the controversial match on Wednesday that gifted a World Cup spot to France according to the New York Times. In their statement, FIFA properly said that "As clearly mentioned in the Laws of the Game, during matches, decisions are taken by the referee and these decisions are final."

It Is What It Is.  During a career these things even out.  People in the united States seem to be crying foul and I for one am not one of them.  Its their own damn fault for starting with suck (sic) lethargy and one again bringing out the latent Irishmen that every American seems to need and want.

The again it is the American way where we have proven over and over again. Life is not fair.
We prove it in America everyday.
If you are poor. We seem to think Life isn't fair.  GET OVER IT.
If you are a minority. We seem to think Life isn't fair. GET OVER IT.

In international football (soccer to Americans) referees are human and probably somewhat I little bit biased against the big bully oil guzzling Americans. Really can you blame them. Life isn't fair. GET OVER IT.
For the record, I see the US edging out Algeria in the final game of match play thus avoiding the Germans in the first round. See what goes around comes around.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Suburbs Part 2

Week one of soccer.  We lost 5 to 2.  Paul drove to the game and he printed out the directions. I assumed he printed out my directions.  So we headed out to the the Couv (Beaverton with Washington plates) and Paul gets us to the game with 20 minutes to spare.  From my suburban recollection we got off at mill pane made a a quick left and got there some how. (Remembering the quick left.)

Week 2 of soccer -We won .  The commute was fine except somebody blew up the 205 bridge. We abandoned ship at half time about a mile before the I 205 bridge.

Week3 commute. Paul had a meeting with foreign dignitaries there fore I was the pilot. I printed out what i thought were the same directions. We got off at Mill Plan but the travels (sans the aforementioned immediate left) took us by different Olive Gardens and Chevy's. So I doubted my self and made an several  illegal U turns and tried to find my way in suburbia only to get more and more lost. I decided to go back to my original directions that I had written down. Marina said to me this is where we were 20 minutes ago. So I followed the original directions doubting myself and meekly telling the kids this does not look at all like the way Paul and i went to the game. Which I found out it was not. We made it to the game as it was starting.

We lost 4 to 2. If I would have abandoned ship like last week I would have avoided spraining my ankle. Vancouver will not defeat me.

Lessons Learned.

1. When I play we lose when I do not we win.
2. Vancouver will not defeat me.
3. It is better to have played and sprained an ankle then not played at all.
4. Sometimes its good to have Paul in the Car.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Live in the Country or the City Because in My Humble Opinion Suburbs Suck

Snippets from The Middle Lane on the Road to Nowhere

Beaverton residents invited to ‘talk chicken’

BEAVERTON, Ore. – The City of Beaverton will host a public forum Tuesday night on the issue of possibly allowing poultry within city limits. During the forum, City staff will outline the various components being examined for developing a draft ordinance as well as potential problems that could arise.
Chicken Shit lawmakers. Just get over it and allow chickens. What are they expecting Chickens to Take Over Beaverton. Forget I asked that question. They have a chicken Bar in Beaverton
HAPPY VALLEY, Ore. - The Clackamas County sheriff said Tuesday he’s concerned the new MAX line is dropping off more than passengers at Clackamas Town Center; it’s dropping off crime too.
Really what did you expect. The people at the mall want more people coming to your mall but expected no increase in anything except revenue.  Certainly don't want those minorities and gang bangers out in Happy Valley.
And this case of whacked off Suburbanites

YAKIMA, Wash. (AP) - A 17-year-old testified that he had sex with a teacher in the back seat of her pickup truck in a Kmart parking lot in Yakima.

The teen testified Tuesday in Yakima County Superior Court that he had received a text message from Michele Taylor to meet him in May of last year and that she pulled him into the back seat.

Taylor is a 31-year-old physical education teacher at East Valley High School. She's charged with sexual misconduct and immoral communication with a minor.

The Yakima Herald-Republic reports that Taylor's husband, Kevin Taylor, is expected to be the first defense witness. He's also an East Valley physical education teacher. In the courthouse Monday he wore a T-shirt that read, "I love my wife

You have to admire the loyalty simplicity of the husband.  Something leads me to believe his tee shirt was from a movie he saw at the cini-plex (sic). I would not be surprised if the boy showed up in court with a tee-shirt that reads, "I love his wife"  and she shows up in court with a tee-shirt that reads I am with stupid with arrows pointing in many directions.

It always comes down to a pickup truck.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Al Gores wife by conveniently not listening to him.

The news about Al and Tipper Gore deciding to separate after 40 years of marriage shocked Washington - and those who know them - into a kind of frenzy: How could this be? They have always been the genuine political couple. The ones who were affectionate and caring; the ones who had fun. The couple who dared to smooch onstage at a national political convention. Al and Tipper were like Peanut Butter and Jelly. Always better together.And maybe they were. And what we saw was true. And maybe now - because it once was true and isn't anymore - they've decided to split."

Have you ever tried peanut butter and Banana sandwiches. For that measure, my favourite Peanut Butter, lettuce and cheese sandwiches can be quite tasty. Peanut Butter does not even have to go on bread. Many people secretly eat it with a spoon or sneak it into Vietnamese dishes. And Peanut Butter is fatal to many people but let me get off my hyperbolic band wagon. Hell marriage can kill people. I am too lazy to research whether AlGore Rhythm is having an affair but something tells me he is having a late in life mid life crisis.

He deserves it.
I am convinced this world is well on its way to being fu*ked and I am many times called an unrealistic rosy optimist. Something tells me the FusterCluck (sic) in the Gulf has something to with Al Gore getting a divorce. While Tipper was all focused on Petroleum products (lyrics on records)   the rest of the world was acting like Al Gores wife by conveniently not listening to him.

I am pretty sure he is not having an affair with the tree in this photo.
Willard F. Harley, author of "His Needs, Her Needs: Building an Affair Proof Marriage," doesn't know what caused the Gores to separate but he suspects infidelity. Particularly in a long-term marriages tested over time, couples won't give up easily, he said -- unless they have fallen for another person.

Or complete lack of tust and faith in things that matter to him. A man of faith whom has lost just that. Its smarmy mess.