Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Numbers (Simple Math Made Complicated)

1/2  + 1/2 = 1/4

The theory of dumb (or drunk) or something people getting together.  When two half minds get together you do not add the halves but rather multiply. When many half minds get together it gets ugly quickly. 1/2 raised to any power gets dumb real quickly.

2B Continued.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A lesson in Communication -How to Argue (The last temptation Jesus Christ(sic))

Mel Gibson has come under fire after a recording of a hate-filled outburst at ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva was leaked onto the internet. An effective tool in couples communication.

MG “… because you’re trying to breastfeed with f***ing foreign bodies in you. Is that it?”
OG “That has nothing to do with it.”
MG “Oh, it has nothing to do with what – the fact that you had foreign bodies in there?”
OG “Correct.”
MG “Correct okay good. So you’re not lying to me about fake tits?”
OG “I never have.”
MG “Yes. Yes, you just did. You said they weren’t. You f***ing lied to me before.”
OG “I didn’t. I never said anything of the kind. You never asked me, I never told you. Or maybe you asked me but I never lied about this.”
---Dont ask dont tell
MG “Who cares, they look ridiculous, get rid of ‘em why don’t you. Anyway –“
-- Very loving very endearing MEL
OG “That’s not none of your f***ing business.”
MG “It is, it is. They look stupid. It’s just an appraisal. Keep ‘em if you want. Look stupid, see if I give a f***.”
MG “They’re too big and they look stupid. They look like some vegas bitch. They look like a vegas whore. And you go around sashaying in your tight clothes and stuff – I won’t stand for that anymore.”
-- Mel draws the line on sashaying
OG “I don’t walk around in tight clothes. I stay at home most of the time.”
Oksana Grigorieva: Yes?

Mel Gibson: Stay on this phone and don't hang up on me. I have plenty of energy to drive over there. You understand me? AND I WILL! SO JUST F------ LISTEN TO ME. LISTEN TO MY F------ RANTING. LISTEN TO WHAT YOU DO TO ME.
--well played Mel you should use kind words like I feel ot that makes me feel instead of LISTEN TO ME. LISTEN TO MY F------ RANTING.
OG: I didn't do anything to you.
MG: A pain in the ass!
OG: You are ruining my life!
MG: You make my life so f------ difficult!
OG: Well you know what, it's so --
MG: Why can't you be a woman who f------ supports me instead of a woman that sucks off me. And just f------ sucks me dry. And wants, and wants. Go through this relationship if you're a good woman and you love me. I don't believe you anymore. I'm sick of your bulls---! Has any relationship ever worked with you? NO!
--Now hes complaining about a woman that sucks off him. WOW
OG: Listen to me. You don't love me because somebody who loves does not behave this way.
MG: Shut the f--- up. I know I'm behaving like this because I know absolutely that you do not love me and you treat me with no consideration.
OG: One second please. Can I please speak?
MG: I love you because I've treated you with every kindness, every consideration. You rejected … you will never be happy. F--- you! Get the f--- away from me! But my daughter is important! All right? Now, you have one more chance. And I mean it. Now f------ go if you want, but I will give you one more chance. (huffing with anger) You make me wanna smoke. You f----- my day up. You care about yourself.
--You make me wanna smoke.   Wow that was strong. Surprised she didn't just get naked there.
OG: You're so selfish.
MG: When I've been so f------ good to you. You f------ try to destroy me.
OG: I didn't do anything. I did not do anything. This is your selfish imagination. That's bull!
MG: Shut the f--- up! You should just f------ smile and blow me! 'Cause I deserve it.
-- Little early to play that card.
OG: I'm sleeping with the baby. I'm waking up every two hours. I fell asleep because I was waiting for you because you weren't ready to go to the jacuzzi as we agreed.
MG: Who the f--- cares? We agreed nothing.

Friday, July 02, 2010

I Hate FireWorks

Fourth of July brings the hot season and every year in Oregon it just stops raining on the fourth of July.
For one thing, I will miss the rain.

I remember when I first moved to the Northwest.
  • We had a neighbor
  • Who got up at 8.
  • He drank a beer.
  • Walked to the end of the driveway.
  • And blew shit up.
  • Than at nine. (Could have been 830)
  • He drank a beer.
  • Walked to the end of the driveway.
  • And blew shit up.

Nothing good comes from fireworks.  Yeah yeah yeah , great orgasmic explosions in the sky.
You have to love the clandenstine stands that sprout up this time of year.
To sell fire works. One has to sneak over to the Couv to Buy them.
So a certain percentage of the population can blow off a finger.
And they scare the Dogs bigtime.
And people blow their hands off.
And stop on the Marcum bridge to see them.
So a certain percentage of the population can blow off a finger.
I 'll give you the finger. and Linger.
One can probably conclude that I am not a big fan of patriotism.
Not liking fireworks does not mean I am not patriotic.
But being over patriotic is pathetic.
But fourth of July is fun, I still like people who like fireworks.
Even those with six fingers om two hands 
I even like hot dogs. Love them , but I don't eat them.
Heres are some great lyrics from a little Canadian band.
(Canada Day was July ist)
Love these lyrics -Tragically Hip Fireworks 
If there's a goal that everyone remembers it was back in ol' 72

We all squeezed the stick and we all pulled the trigger
And all I remember was sitting beside you
You said you didn't give a fuck about hockey
And I never saw someone say that before
You held my hand and we walked home the long way
You were loosening my grip on Bobby Orr

Fireworks exploding in the distance

Temporary towers soar
Fireworks emulating heaven
Til there are no stars anymore
Fireworks aiming straight at heaven
Temporary towers soar

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Hashing, Russian Spies in American Suburbs

Hashing, Russian Spies in American Suburbs: Shades of the Cold War? (12:07PM)

Ten Russians posing as ordinary Americans, including parents with children, have been arrested as "deep cover" spies after seven years of investigation by the FBI. Their alleged paymaster was picked up in Cyprus. US officials reportedly were astonished when Christopher Metsos was released on bail in the first place. Both countries say the incident won't damage relations, but a lot of questions remain. What were the agents doing here decades after the Cold War? Why have they been arrested now? If they posed a danger to national security, why don't they face more serious charges? Does the US have its own spy rings in Russia? We hear from a former CIA agent, a Russian scholar and others.

One my fondest memories was right after Aldrich Hazen Ames, was arrested out side his Arlington abode  the DC hash House Harriers set a trail to his some what deserted house and continued to have the beer check on his back deck. I honestly can not remember the hares that day, I do remember it was a sunny day, and I remember sitting on his back desk and drinking a beer.  If any body else remembers the details please help me fill them in.  Its nice to have russian spies back.

Virginia residence,