Friday, February 20, 2009

I am going to turn the economy around all by myself

Yes that is my job here to turn the economy around. Life is about perception. Our media does nothing but report bad news which of course feeds into the frenzy of gloom and doom and people react accordingly. No, not with an accordion, but rather people tend to fuel the fire with calculated reaction. That is they do predictable things such as not buying anything, well except beer, cigarettes and ,ironically the IRA of the ages, the fabled lottery ticket.

But when the news is happy and sunny people in this country buy real products like guns, high definition televisions and tickets to the opera. All are non essential but all part of a life worth living. (Not sure about the Guns) Well the intent of this blob (some call it a blog) is to turn the economy around with all the good news that is fit to print or just observations from happy people or in some cases delusional's with conviction.I just got my first sign that the world is going to be okay. Sent to me from my favourite Canadian on the planet and this is a startling photo. Not sure if it is photo shopped but, I don't ever remember seeing this in my sky. Canadian Geese have wonderful foresight and I know they are headed here.

And here is a nice little story from that psuedo monopoly up in Washington. At least when they fire people they seem to be doing it right. Do not click Here.

Slow Down

Life is way to busy. This week I have some tough times and some great times with my family and that is pretty cool thing.

Max was describing a kid in first grade (Max is in fifth) that he mentors. He described the kid like this.

"He cute , kind of the right size, he is kind like having an IPOD".

Riley says she gets home sick when she she is not at home and Marina is walking around the house beaming that she got 19 out of 17 on her math test.

And my wife to be is upstairs sleeping. She's hot even when she is sleeping.

The dryer is pounding away with Max's sneakers thumping on each side.

Other than that it is quiet.

its nice to slow down and take it all in.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Looking Rediculous

As we drive down the road, this time of year, there is always a guy dressed up like Uncle Sam waving a sign. The kids and I always have a good laugh as we lament that being a pretty bad job and we wonder how he feels. Lately on my evening runs I would stop on his street corner and have little inane conversations with him.

Discussions like "Hey is that outfit Tax Deductible"
"Ha Ha -No Its Not"

We had developed a banter.

Well today I ventured out to our usual Tuesday night run. I just wanted stop in and say hello to the couple setting the run whom had just had a baby. When I get there I had forgot the run was to celebrate the once flat chested mother's newly created breasts. Soon two girls pinned two inflated baloons on my jacket and I thought nothing about it. I needed to get home and finish the curry I was cooking at home. So a mile later whom do I run into but the guy dressed up like Uncle Sam waving a sign. He just looked at me in hysterics. He said nothing. Just laughed like crazy.

Which he was.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Key Things -Where are They

Key Ingredients

We have important day to day things that hold our lives together. These things change constantly and where we put them seem to change constantly.

My Substance

(For those scoring at home please list 10 physical items important in your day to day life and from memory and recall where they are right now) . Please do not include your spouse or partner because if you do not where they are you have bigger problems than locating your key.

Here are Mine
  1. Keys - In the front room on the credenza - I think.
  2. Jen's Keys - I have no idea.
  3. My son Max's soccer stuff -that's his deal (trouble looming).
  4. Work Badge -on the kitchen table (I think)
  5. A1 Running Shoes - right behind me.
  6. The New Submarines Cd - I wish I knew.
  7. Lucy The Escape Beagle- snuggled with Jen in Bed. (I think).
  8. The TV Remote -best guess the sofa cushions.
  9. My Day Timer - By my keys. (One key item dependent on another may be a problem)
  10. Tickets to The Next Blazers Game - (Right where they have been for the last five years)

And the bonus Question
When you meet somebody new how do you remember their name. (Just Circle One)

  1. You are too busy worried about how you appear to them you never hear their name.
  2. You use an association. Hi "My Name is Maria" . You think 'oh one of Columbus's sailing ships'.
  3. You write the new name down some where.
  4. I never really thought about it.
  5. I just remember it comes easy to me.
  6. Keys - I think they are in my jacket pocket- I think.
  7. Other.