Saturday, February 07, 2009

Key Things -Where are They

Key Ingredients

We have important day to day things that hold our lives together. These things change constantly and where we put them seem to change constantly.

My Substance

(For those scoring at home please list 10 physical items important in your day to day life and from memory and recall where they are right now) . Please do not include your spouse or partner because if you do not where they are you have bigger problems than locating your key.

Here are Mine
  1. Keys - In the front room on the credenza - I think.
  2. Jen's Keys - I have no idea.
  3. My son Max's soccer stuff -that's his deal (trouble looming).
  4. Work Badge -on the kitchen table (I think)
  5. A1 Running Shoes - right behind me.
  6. The New Submarines Cd - I wish I knew.
  7. Lucy The Escape Beagle- snuggled with Jen in Bed. (I think).
  8. The TV Remote -best guess the sofa cushions.
  9. My Day Timer - By my keys. (One key item dependent on another may be a problem)
  10. Tickets to The Next Blazers Game - (Right where they have been for the last five years)

And the bonus Question
When you meet somebody new how do you remember their name. (Just Circle One)

  1. You are too busy worried about how you appear to them you never hear their name.
  2. You use an association. Hi "My Name is Maria" . You think 'oh one of Columbus's sailing ships'.
  3. You write the new name down some where.
  4. I never really thought about it.
  5. I just remember it comes easy to me.
  6. Keys - I think they are in my jacket pocket- I think.
  7. Other.

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