Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Birth control for the Feet

5 Toed Vibram running shoes arrived on Saturday. I ordered these shoes because my back and legs ache from running. More often than not I want to stop as opposed to keep running.

I missed my soccer game on Saturday and made the best of it and took the vibrams out for a test run not before actually taking 5 minutes to get on the shoe.

Aligning the toes was a piece of work and they are unconventionally tight. Despite this they seemed to be cool and comfortable.

Run One (Sat June 26th) - Was one of those see how it goes run. I half expected to pull up lame having a part of my leg or back aching but I kept going. It was 3.0 miles at a fairly slow pace but all in all it did not go all that bad. I was warned that my calves would hurt and the did not. (3.0 miles in 28 minutes). It should be noted it was a beautiful day with a beautiful breeze and when everything does not hurt you notice such things.

Run Two - (Sun June 27th) -A bold move running 2 days in a row and especially the morning after. things again went well with another splendid day. (3.5 miles in 33 minutes)

Run Three -(Monday June 28th) - At the start of the Oregon Kahuna hash run a friend I have not seen in 11 year tells me I got heavy. Not running health for a year tends to do that. STFU Steve it is nice to see you. I emerge out of the first shiggy batch with brambles and briar's stuck between the toes. (Never thought of that). Then we run down a rocky rail road patch  (Never thought of that). and all in all it did not feel all that bad. My speed is still not there but I have enjoyed running the last few days. Oh yeah i walked about 1.7 miles with my wife before that.  (5 miles in who knows).

I am expecting a set back somewhere but none has come of yet. Need to learn to run on my toes. Tonight's goal is for 40 minutes.
Here I sit 3 months later and the shoes are great and I am back to 30 miles a week, with only minor problems like when I set them next to the bed my wife asks me. WHAT STINKS


Timothy Chen Allen said...

Good for you, Mark. I've had mine for about two years and have been running in them exclusively for about six months. I started small, but now am doing my 25 mile training runs in my Vibrams.

Mark Schofer said...

Tim love reading your updates on your ultra running. Are you doing all these runs or on trails.