Monday, June 14, 2010

Suburbs Part 2

Week one of soccer.  We lost 5 to 2.  Paul drove to the game and he printed out the directions. I assumed he printed out my directions.  So we headed out to the the Couv (Beaverton with Washington plates) and Paul gets us to the game with 20 minutes to spare.  From my suburban recollection we got off at mill pane made a a quick left and got there some how. (Remembering the quick left.)

Week 2 of soccer -We won .  The commute was fine except somebody blew up the 205 bridge. We abandoned ship at half time about a mile before the I 205 bridge.

Week3 commute. Paul had a meeting with foreign dignitaries there fore I was the pilot. I printed out what i thought were the same directions. We got off at Mill Plan but the travels (sans the aforementioned immediate left) took us by different Olive Gardens and Chevy's. So I doubted my self and made an several  illegal U turns and tried to find my way in suburbia only to get more and more lost. I decided to go back to my original directions that I had written down. Marina said to me this is where we were 20 minutes ago. So I followed the original directions doubting myself and meekly telling the kids this does not look at all like the way Paul and i went to the game. Which I found out it was not. We made it to the game as it was starting.

We lost 4 to 2. If I would have abandoned ship like last week I would have avoided spraining my ankle. Vancouver will not defeat me.

Lessons Learned.

1. When I play we lose when I do not we win.
2. Vancouver will not defeat me.
3. It is better to have played and sprained an ankle then not played at all.
4. Sometimes its good to have Paul in the Car.