Tuesday, February 05, 2008

On Dating

The story is even better when you hear the recounting of the dates from hell that made up those 7.......on one date I was 100% convinced that she had set me up on candid camera. I was basically flying through the 7 so I could be done with it and tell her I met the goal. Classic me. But then I started really looking at it like a second job...and I began to relish the comedic opportunities my dating presented - I could be even more of the life of a party with the stories I began to share.And then after a little more time - I actually started meeting people that I could fathom actually seeing for a second date. Then friends started calling and telling me that knew someone I had to meet. It was all a very fascinating evolution.And then I met you......and wasn't ready to even think about dating just one person.....and because of that - over time, it became glaringly apparent that you were everything I had ever wanted or needed....and that being in your company was the best possible way to spend time (except with Riley, of course!).......and that I wanted the year of dating lots of people to be over so that 2008 could be the year when the rest of my life began.You can wipe the tear out of your eye now. :) You know I'm a total sap.

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polarbeargrl said...

That is so beautiful!!!! I am so happy for you and Jen and the whole fam!!! Good times ahead!