Tuesday, June 27, 2006

OSU and Being Bold

I sat and watched the college world series yesterday and it was an intriguing game. Oregon ended up winning 3 -2 with the game going to the final out .

One play sticks in my mind. The score was tied 2-2. Two balls and two strikes and 2 outs and what did North Carolina try to do; they tried stealing home. The man on third dashed toward home and slid head first.while the batter was swinging at the same place the man on third was sliding. And to complicate matters the pitcher for Oregon State un-corked the most perfect curve ball which the North Carolina batter had little chance of hitting thus making the steal of home a moot point.

That is not the point, I always consider anything from North Carolina as conservative but trying to steal home in the bottom of the eight with the score tied takes guts. I will always remember seeing that one play with a deviation of an inch either way may have changed the out come completely, ignoring the inherent danger of sliding headfirst into home as another person is swinging. It was good theatre and it was sports in its purest form.

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