Monday, June 12, 2006

Almost Murder of One

Almost Murder of One

I was walking along 25th and Davis and there
was a giant dumpster where some young adults
were tossing some junk into a dumpster.

They were basically cleaning out an old house.

All of sudden from the other side of the dumpster
a black disk came flying toward us.
Of course Marina asks what it was. I said to
her that it was an old photograph album.  It was
an old Peggy Lee record.

I, without thinking,  picked up the record and
tossed it back into the dumpster in an over head Ultimate
Frisbee kind of way.  It was funny how that record just took
flight.  It flew straight over the dumpster
and kept going and going.  

All the sudden I was worried
that this disk had hurt somebody.
I ran around the dumpster and the
and the three men had a startled look
on their faces.

I wonder if it would have hit them if
it would have actually chopped their heads off.

Luckily it missed.

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