Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Maslows Hierarchy of Needs

Most People

Self Actualization -Writing, Raising A Family, Marriage, Bettering Society
Esteem - Recognition from Others. Feeling Good About Ones Self
Love and Belong - Being Loved, Friends, Clubs, Religious Groups
Safety - Freedom from Abuse, Pain, Death, Crime.
Physiological - Food, Clothing and Curiosly Sex. (SomeHow I have to Argue this One)

My Basset Hound

Self Actualization - A tummy rub
Esteem - Good Boy
Love and Belong - Pet Behind the Ears
Safety - Not Getting Hit by a Car
Physiological - Food and Water

President of the United States

Self Actualization - Amassing all the money thats humanly possible
Esteem - You Better Tell Me I am Good. Therefore I am good.
Love and Belonging -We Can Buy That
Safety - Everybody is to Be Feared
Physiological - see Basset Hound

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