Thursday, June 21, 2007

Vanity is Undressed

apparently I don't do it enough......

I spent the morning just writing programs with no contact at all with another human being....
I went for a run at lunch and as I was headed to the locker room I just checked in with
my super users (They test my programs)

Accountant - Are you Trying to make a Statement
Me - No why
Accountant - The shirt inside out....what is with that
Me - Oh fuck ( I love saying that to accountants) and I walked to the bathroom and put my shirt on correctly
and walked back into the room.
Me - Statement Made.
Young Female Accountant - well done.

and I walked down to the locker room...and went for a run....So this morning I wore my shirt the way it is suppossed to be worn for all of 2 minutes....The rest of the day I believe I wore it correctly.

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