Monday, September 19, 2005

Kid Things

Just think about something so every day and common and how special it is.
Spending time with you kids, as not every day your going to a theme park or the beach. Some days you just walk through life and the every day. Things that are taken for granted.

Just tossing a Frisbee back and forth is a prime example. A year ago, maybe it was a week ago my son could not toss a Frisbee but it seems like yesterday he was throwing every which way and making fantastic catches and actually concentrating through the entire toss and catch.

I simple walk with my daughter watching the sun set over a bird sanctuary. It is that simple but the time alone is precious. Just to listen to her talk, to see the world through her eyes, to just listen.

And then to go out to dinner with them later, it’s a marvel to watch. The know what to order in a Vietnamese restaurant.  Actually to take one step farther, they picked out the restaurant because that is what they wanted.  And they make the broccoli so perfect at
that Vietnamese restaurant. I can always eat off there plates and they can eat off of mine.

It seems that my oldest two have become more or less my equals. I still guide them,
and caress them, but I also live life with them…

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