Tuesday, October 25, 2005


I am sitting on the phone with Citibank customer service and I have been trying to take care of an insurance issue for about five weeks and they call me every morning and every time I get near solving the god dam mother piece of piss problem some stupid shit for brains non caring idiot hangs up on me and over worked no time in hell me never knows how to re connect with
the stupid phone and now I am sitting here listening to some tepid crackling piece of shit waitng for some dumbass to update my account information and ironically her dumbass name is Andrea and I now know the number for the hot line for problems such as this is 1-800-283-7918 and if I ever again have to call these dumb asses again for a measly 270.00 check that they have fucked up all out proportion I will gladly march all the way to New York and beat the living piss out of them..and of course I just got off the god damn phone with Schweta from God damn India and something tells me Miss dot com in the head has not fixed the crisis of the day and my
March to beat the piss out of some dumb ass non caring Indian may go across an Ocean.


Timothy Chen Allen said...

Don't sugar-coat it Mark, we want to know how you feel!

Actually, CitiBank gave me some hellacious problems, too when I was living in Spain. They are kind of evil.

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