Monday, May 18, 2009

Wedding Observations

Behind the Scenes

2 hours before the wedding we made a meal with the trout we had caught on the previous day. It was the best trout I have ever had.

My little sister Jennifer ran 12 miles the morning of the wedding. After we scaled a large rocky knoll just to find the beginning of the trail.

It rained for almost 2 weeks straight up until the day before the wedding and then the rain just stopped.

I remember Layla (the beloved wedding czar) asking me who was going to read Haiku. My brain was too over whelmed to answer coherently so randomly I pointed pointed to the next person I saw. Wonder what Erin Faireborne thought.

Pastor Tim: (concluding the rehearsal) "Does anybody have any questions.
Everybody gets quiet and and starts mentally heading
to the Rehearsal dinner.
A little voice comes out of a little girl. Our beautiful little flower girl Olivia.
Olivia: Yes I have a question.
Pastor Tim: "Yes what is it?
Olivia: My brother Becket why is standing up. Why is he standing there.

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