Friday, May 29, 2009

Somewhat Pathetic Rant

Gum and Being Bored

  • I just stole 4 pieces of gum from a co worker
  • They tasted good for 30 seconds
  • To keep awake I just dunked it in instant coffee.
  • Its not so bad.

Cells Phones Suck

  • I am 100 yards off I 5 and can not receive calls.
  • Texting is insane. (Pick up the dam phone)
  • I ran over the charger with my swivel chair.
  • The above gum may fix it.

May 31st

  • Should be labor day. Blew that load last week.
  • Moved to Oregon this same weekend 12 years ago.
  • It should not be 90 degees already.

These headlines today.

'This has been my dream,' spelling bee winner says.

She got a "Laodicean," reception from the crowd.

This means

a.) rousing b.) tepid c.) traditional indian gala d.) non at all

Second-place finisher Tim Ruiter of Reston, Virginia, bowed out after misspelling "Maecenas," meaning

a.) generous patron of the arts.

b.) phoresy

c. ) curt

d. ) Ned Beatty

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