Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Random Places Your Mind Goes

My mind like like everybody elses random goes where ever it wants to go to.
There are certain places it goes repeatedly and I have no idea reason why.
It just goes there. I just thought I would write them fdown and not force my
self to go there.

Buying Tickets to a WinterHawks Game

I always go back to sunny day in the spring where I drove to the Rose Garden
with the kids. I drove underneath the Rose Garden to get tickets (the ticket booth
is no longer located there). I have no recollection of the game it self and as I look back
it may have been tickets to a Portland Fire basketball game. I just remeber going
and getting tickets with the kids. It may have been a Thursday and I may have been happy.
The weather was clear.

And then another Friday afternoon

Where I was married and my wife had left for the weekend. I vaguely recall our
marriage was not working well but I remember a wonderfully calm Friday night.
I came home from work and mowed thelawn with a push mower.
The grass smelled nice and it was warm for the end of hockey season. I was completely
relaxed. The kids and I went to a hockey game that night. The neighbors gave us a ride
to the game and we took the Max home. It was unusually warm walking back from the Max.

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