Friday, June 26, 2009

Bikram Yoga Revisited

The other day i went to a tragically Hip Concert and it was 102 degrees. And my back hurt and has for awhile. Which brought me to the conclusion that i need to get back to Bikram Yoga.

Practicing Bikram's Yoga will increase your chances of having better health and more fun on your adventures in life!!!
In my mind I hated the 90 monutes while I took Biram yoga.
In my mind I loved the 22..5 hours of the day surrounding Bikram.

I had a bit of trepidation about going back. It had to be on my own terms.

The reality of Bikram Yoga
Class is not so bad.

The teachers so far are very supportive.

Meaning : So far it has only been male teachers who work with me and know my limitations. Lets see what happens when we get the crazy 95 pound pretxel as a teacher.

It takes too much Organization

So far it has been pretty easy. my wife has been very supportive. (She had a bad experience with a previous Yoga class)

Meaning: Lets see what happens when i have top juggle kids, school and everything else.

My hamstrings are tighter than a hummingbird on caffeine.

On the bright side they seem to be loosening up.
But, that pose where you grab your ankles and touch your fore head to your knees does not work for me. Yoga will be a semi success when I can actually do this pose.

I love the feeling right after class

Yes the air is sweeter, the breeze is comforting and water melon is wonderful
But, yesterday I got home and I felt like somebody had shoveled my brain empty with an ice cream scoop.

Its okay not to be good.

I try my best but I am simply not good. So far that is okay as try my best.
Well, I barely survived the last 4 poses yesterday.
But I continue on.

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