Thursday, January 07, 2010

Doing HomeWork with RCM

RCM -Parent Interviews
Riley had a home work assignment to interview her parents and grand parents and I had my turn last night.

Here were some of the questions.

What was your favourite/least favourite subjects in school.  Do you give them the answer they want or the answer that is yours.  Well to be honest I do not know the answer to this. So I went with Literature as my favourite (I love reading anything new) and Wood Shop as my least favourite (who knew Fiberglass could catch on fire).

There was a question about dating and I told the true story of sprinting the last half mile of a daily run so that I could get home and ask Jenna to go out with me. It was some where in the last half mile of that run that it cliqued that I should and wanted to date the girl i eventually did  marry.

And If I had any advice what would it be?

  1. Do what you love (So cliched and so true). Thats probably why I am a sitting here writing instead of working right now. 
  2. Be uncomfortable Once in a While -We grow that way doing things we are not comforable with. I became a better runner running with people way faster than myself. I also watch my older daughter playing VollyBall with players that may be way better than her and she has gotten quite good. I remember hanging out with the smart kids in school and it sure helped me alot more than my usual sports and get into trouble friends.

Most Significant School Moment- Quitting Football and trying out for the play.  Please see Number 2.

I enjoy these little assignments. The other day Riley wrote a paper on How Cancer Cells Work.  It was a great read and I actually learned something along the way. Same as I did with the above Interview.

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