Monday, January 11, 2010

Max's First Date

Avatar behind the scenes

So it happens to all parents. We left Max’s soccer game on Saturday (they lost 9-7) to an adventure of different sorts. Yes Max had a date. I had the pleasure of picking up Max’s friend (girl friend) at her house on Saturday afternoon.

I have no idea the proper etiquette here. Should I contact her parents should I take pictures, should he pay should they go dutch, should it come out of his allowance. I asked how should I refer to her as his friend, his girl friend or what. “Just call her Alin he said.

Max is usually a bit of a show off when he has friends over. He is never really good in those situations, but he was completely at ease and he is way beyond where I was at his age. He was a perfect gentleman. They hugged when they saw each other.

I picked them up after the movie and they were just sitting in subway enjoying each others company. They wanted to go to Annie’s Donuts but it was closed.

We (Marina and I) gave Alin a ride home after the movie. Marina told her we were a strict Catholics. Which scared her for 2 seconds until Marina burst out laughing? Alin felt at home.

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