Monday, February 22, 2010

I had a dream

I had a dream last night last night. I also had a stomach problem last night which led to a lot of light sleeping and I could remember my actual dreams.
In one I was in a bathroom somewhere, any where and so an oldish lady kept getting up on the counter and smashing into the mirror with her shoulder.
Analysis - I am crazy.  Obviously Sigmund Frued would say say sometimes an old lady on a sink is simply an old lady on a sink.

I also had a dream where I was working away in a cubicle and a lady in a blue dress was sitting above my cubicle. I did not look at her and all I know there was somebody in a flowing blue dress above my cubicle.
Analysis once again I am crazy. But some quick searches lends this..

To dream that you are dreaming, signifies your emotional state. You are excessively worried and fearful about a situation or circumstance that you are going through. Maybe thats true or possible a fortune cookie response.

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