Friday, February 26, 2010

Just random stuff....

Just random stuff....

Marina Plays Softball
Got a call from our daughter last night and she says she has made the softball team. I honestly do not think she knows which way to run the bases. But bless her for trying and I get not wait to lace it up with her.

Dinner at Montage
Had dinner with a friend from high school last night. It is such a pleasure to me to have a deep conversation that sometimes veer beyond my thinking for that night.  Much like running with Sprocket years ago..He was fast as hell and made me faster. Having dinner with Steve reminded me of a group in high school that kind of raised my ship a little. They expanded me to think that I could do calculus and go out for plays

Tragically Hip
Listening to the latest tragically Hip cd and remember driving around with my wife the week we got married. I had that cd on alot. I still listen to it a lot.   Sometimes this song brings a tear to my eyes. It is beautiful.

In the Intro to this Song
He talks about about pointing out  the moon to a little boy...Which I remember so fondly. Both kids liked looking at the moon. Even though Max could only call it ...Mun.

My wife and I went for a bike ride Today.
Purchased a nice bike with mu wife at a great little Mom and pop shop. Love the customer service and loved just wheeling around town. Look foeward to doing some riding on the washington coast this weekend.

And a little walk with Lucy
And ran into an old friend. Well shes not old but I am. And she has been there on and off for so many years and I appreciate that.

Usually I write about something, today I just dabble in nothing in particular, realizing that i am pretty lucky.

I usually write about something,

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