Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lost for Idiots

What about the other passengers? What did they die for? They died because of union rules and the director of the show showing some fiscal restraint. One died of a broken heart as the plane was going down he screamed I love you Freckles

What about the other passengers who never got a storyline after crashing with the main body of Oceanic 815 survivors? And what about those who never even made to the island, sucked into the atmosphere when the plane split apart? Life and Death are like that get over it...

Those were not issues raised when Kate, Jack, Sawyer, and Hurley met Jacob, face-to-face by a campfire that was consuming Jacob’s ashes as he offered to answer their questions. Understandably, they had their own immediate concerns, such as how they were going to continue to survive. At that moment, though, they also became stand-ins for viewers as Lost continued to deal with some of its long-standing questions.See Maslow and his hierarchy of needs. Food and Living tomorrow are a major concern. Kate, Jack, Sawyer, and Hurley are arguably the most popular characters on the show and if they were demoted to the menial job of tending the islands inner working  the finale would be anti climatic. Users in droves want to see Freckles naked and they are hoping that happens in next weeks climax. Sawyer parts his hair in the middle so his role is completely deserved. I am surprised Hurley has not become more buff over the years, but he has been proven to be crazy. He is fine where he is. Expect big things out of him on last next weeks show.

Why us? Your life was not going well. Jacob decides that. You were all in a jail cell together. My wife says it is race against time. She pays attention more than I do. 
Despite Sawyer’s protest that they had been plucked from a life that was going just fine, even he could not dispute Jacob’s counter that they were all carrying deep personal flaws and shortcomings. They were not taken from ideal settings; they were in effect rescued from different types of unhappy circumstances. Divorce does that to people. They needed something to do and smoke Monsters provide that. Personally once in a while life does serve us Lemons and when it does many of us hope for all expense paid trip to Hawaii.
Why was Kate’s name scratched off the list? Jacob explained that she became a mom (in adopting Aaron), with that degree of fulfillment changing her makeup. But she was still welcome. Jacob that passive aggressive person  has done this all his life. He could have been honest and said because you are hot. But no he did not.
Once again, Jacob stressed the importance of choice. Four candidates were gathered around, but he would not choose one. They would. Jacob that passive aggressive person that he is has done this all his life. He has a fire burning beside him and more importantly inside of him. There is a ton of firewood on the island but only an hour and 30 minutes of showtime left.
Kate asked a pivotal question: What if none of them agreed to step in and take over for Jacob in defending the island? What if they all said: Thanks, but no thanks. Believe me the last 90 minute show would have gone on. Its a moot point as the Island is going up in smoke. Like he has any chance of defending the Island against the Smoke Monster. Actually he does. Smoking will kill the Monster. TRUST ME. 

As has so often been the case with Lost, dire consequences were predicted. Not to worry, and not surprisingly, Jack stepped forward. He would be the protector. The healer. The guardian. The successor.
Simply trying to get laid. Nothing more nothing less. he has issues.

Also not surprisingly, apparently, from the first scene of the first episode of the series, Jack was the one who woke up closest to the spiritual, glowing heart of the island. And it was obvious from last nights episode he had no idea it even existed. None what so ever.

As Kate, Hurley, and Sawyer watched from a distance, a ceremony followed between Jacob and Jack. A cup of water “blessed” by Jacob in hand, Jack literally and symbolically drank the Kool-Aid of the island (in a ceremony still fresh from the previous episode’s handoff by “Eve” to Jacob). Kate Hurley and Sawyer were not watching from a distance, but that's a moot point. Water symbolizes God or a creators blood as well as a passing of Eternal life.  
Viewers were not shown every minute of the conversation with Jacob, but presumably there were many Lost mysteries not raised and answered. And, significantly, none of the explanations dealt with the “sideways world” because, apart from Desmond, none of them (in their island versions) are consciously aware of it. So much for characters as viewer surrogates probing all the series puzzles. We would not recognize a visitor from another planet and this metaphotr also holds true. it should be also noted that never once in this series has a person ever ever looked for their keys...Because they don't need keys. 

One of which is: Does Fake Locke know about the sideways world? He’s talking about using Desmond (described as Jacob’s “Fail Safe” backup) but does Locke know HOW Desmond would function that way?

NO- Not a clue

For the finale, we should be ready for twists that seem to “resolve” one issue but, in fact, open the door to an alternative. Last season’s opening image of Jacob was as one who weaves elaborate yarns. This one (including the selection of Jack as new island protector) may not be exactly what it is touted to be.
Really - and that goony girl in the goony glasses whom Lock (aka Smoking Monster) slit her throat is not really dead. Well I have nothing to refute that claim.

Fake Locke may think he has won, but behind that victory …In fact, all of the explanations shared by Fake Locke and Jacob are conspicuous in one way: their incomplete nature. They’ve shared what they need to share, not necessarily the whole story. As has the Lost team. The Fake Fake locke will end up being the real locke.Its a lock.

Negatively: the plane crash was the reality. All these experiences, including the sideways time shifts have also been there to inform and expand their spiritual and emotional experiences, allowing them to at last move to the next level. (Translation: Yeah, they’re dead.) Please see the movie waking life where brain activity can go on relatively forever, George Santayana's maxim: "Sanity is a madness put to good uses; waking life is a dream controlled.

Positively  They’re not dead, and this has not been quite a dream, but it has been a dreamlike alternate experience. Intense in its detail. Meant to inform and expand the spiritual and emotional experiences of the central passengers in what we’ve come to describe as the “sideways”/non-crash world. They are mostly all the better for it (Ben obviously still has island issues) and it may be that after a positive final event (perhaps the concert they’re attending or perhaps Locke’s surgery, or even his wedding) . Lockes whom Benjamin Linus and isn't Locke a smoke Monster by now.

The real question of the day is why is the show on from 1000 to 1130 and then followed up analysis on the the Jack Parr show.  And on a Sunday to boot.

The final scene of the show (remember I have seen 7 episodes) will feature Hurley Burly, Freckles and Sawyer enjoying a well deserved smoke and a beer as Locke wakes  up post surgery having removed the inner smoke Monster that has tormented him for years. Timbers will win 2-1.

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