Friday, August 27, 2010

Call to the Teachers in The World (Well actually one)

This week the state of Washington was fortunate to land a great Teacher. My lovely wife has started teaching at Ilahee up in Camus Washington. She brings a passion for teaching that I wish I had in my job everyday. She brings in the experience of some great mentors as well as the foundation set by her hard work obtained at Lewis and Clark College.

But it is the passion of teaching and doing what she loves that will serve these kids well. She sits at home and makes charts and graphs for the kids much like a kid. That is with open eyes like she is seeing it and living it for the first ime. She loves the feel of crayons, sharpies and abrand new note book.

She wrote lettters to the kids before the first days of summer had barely passed. She recieved her first response and she read it with starry eyed anticipation. She has decorated her room so it lools like ma room where I want to just sit in the back room and give the teacher an apple.

I look forward to hearing the updates daily and even when the day is difficult. It looks like it is going to be a long year of learning and growning as she falls asleep while getting a much needed foot rub.

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