Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hawaii 11.11 Things

1. Bob and Lana got married  At  what I can consider one of the cooler weddings I have ever been to. Beautiful evening to get married on the beach with family and friends. I was honoured to be there. Bob and I now appear on each others marriage certificates.

2. Running - Got to run every day and on most days it felt really good.

3. Spending time with my wife -Don't get to do that all that often and it was nice to be un rushed and not on a schedule. That was pretty special.

  • 4. Snorkeling -That was   funner than i anticipated. I lost my wedding ring the second I hit the water but I was swimming along and I said to Jenna "Look Down" and there was a giant sea Turtle under us.

5. Gary the Car Rental guy is a flaming idiot. He is a company man on a mission. The car my friends is a gift to you. Would you like to purchase the additional insurance for 30.00 a day. NO.  Do you realize if you crash the car you will have to pay blalablablablabla...Oh would you like a car with windows that roll up for another 10 dollars a day...NO. Well we don't have that car anyways so I'll have to give you a nice car at the same price. GARY AT Advantage. You are an idiot.

6. The Picnic Bench Bunch - Everyday at 730 the locals gather by the picnic benches and stood around and told stories and drank Budweiser the entire day. They were a cool bunch.

7. The Pineapples- I really can't explain it but the Pineapples were sofa king good.  I kind of like Pineapples, but these were off the planet.

8. The fact that I like Hawaii - I tend to veer away from things that are popular and mainstream. Everybody loves Hawaii and so did I.

9. Mark, Patty, Ellen, Allie, Callie, Curt, Ed, Marilana, Bob Sr and Jill. -They made us feel like family.

10. Geckos - are pretty cool. Its comforting to have them in the room with you.

11. 91.5 KEAO "Mana'o Radio": Eclectic / Free Form (LP).  They played great music..Loved the free form radio.
11.11 - Doing absolutely Nothing - Have not perfected it yet.

Koaniani & a Konane
A Gentle Breeze and a Bright moonlight

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