Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My New Friend the Blind Guy

Last Week

  • I teach class at a local college.
  • My style can be a bit random.
  • I teach with the door open.
  • I noticed an obviously blind guy walking down the hall.
  • Yelling where is the recycling bin?
  • Somebody pointed him to the trash can.
  • I walked out of my class and pointed him to the recycle bin.
  • He thanked Me.
  • I walked back into my room and continued teaching.
This Week
  • I walked into my school building and my new friend was looking for the elevator.
  • I showed him where it was.
  • He said Thank You.
  • I went to my class and started teaching.
  • I gave the students a lab and walked out in the hall and noticed my friend on a chair.
  • I asked him what class he was taking.
  • He answered "A Plus" a programming class.
  • I told him I teach another programming class.
  • I invited him to sit in the class some day.
  • He said Thank You.
  • and smiled.
  • He asked me what kind of car did I drive because he could not hear it earlier in the parking lot.
  • In my mind I tried to remember was he death or was he blind. (Its been a long day).
  • I said a Prius then remembered they are very quiet cars.
  • He said cool How long have you had it.
  • I said its a year old. I l love the car.
  • His Answer was "Can I drive it?"
  • I went back to blindly teaching.

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