Friday, April 24, 2009

The Trail Blazers Enigma

This team always surprises me and I root for them more than any team I have ever rooted for. But Houston and McKenzie River we have a problem. It works like this.
  • We are getting married next week.
  • Weddings are expensive.
  • We have tickets to all the games.
  • The tickets are expensive.
  • The second round of the playoffs will mostly be during wedding week where we will be away in McKenzie River and the Beach.
  • It would be easier on our hectic lives if we did have to deal with the second round of the playoffs.
  • Like Pavlov's Dog the trumpet calls.
  • We want the Blazers to win it anyway.
  • With all our hearts.
  • We will deal with it then.
And then there is this series. One of the fruits of being a season ticket holder is you get to go to the game. That is if your schedule can afford it. I took an assignment to teach at night this month. I love teaching. It pays the bills. Well it actually only pays for Blazers tickets. Its known in some circles as disposable income.


  • Our beloved Blazers seem to be playing on nights I teach.
  • And I teach I must.
  • Game 2 I left the class out early so that they would not get stuck in post game traffic.
  • Meaning I could watch the rest of the game on television.
We play again next Tuesday the night I once again have class.

I need to hatch a plan.

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