Wednesday, April 19, 2006

In the Swamp

In the swamp the water was disappearing,
this was the result of quirky repetitive
summers with little rain.
Most of the alligators had plenty of food to eat.
A small but growing number ate very little.
There was no in between.
The alligators felt pretty isolated and happy
as long as they were left alone.

Billy was a happy little alligator who had
lead this group through thick and thing. He was
always chasing the tail of another alligator but
he had a heart of gold.  It had been a long time
leading the alligators but it was time to go.
It was just an alligator tradition or maybe it
was alaw they had inscribed on some 200
year old Peat Bog.

A curious alligator who talked like a a very
simple alligator (wait a minute these alligators
are talking….its a kids story) really wanted to
lead the alligators just like tail chasing Billy.
The curious alligator was a little rabble rouser
as a kid and always seemed to get in trouble.
He would drink right out of coke bottles left
at the side of the swamp leaving many a
summer swamp picnic attending human
just saying. Huh…

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