Monday, April 17, 2006

The Revenge of the Lamps

The Revenge of the Lamps.

My favourite reading light keeps coming un-hinged at the base of it. It finally stopped working the other day and I put it to rest.   It is the same thing for my ultra fancy reading light that is supposed to also work.  Well it simply does not. I wrestled with that 40 pound marble base and after 30 minutes of haggling with it, we decided to cart it down stairs.  

I had recently brought a upright reading light upstairs that has the most beautiful lamp. The lamp is ceramic with all different colours. The base unlike all other lamps is stainless steel. It cast the perfect light for reading.  That was until yesterday. The fairly new lamp decided to join the rest of the broken lamps in the house hold. And unlike the rest it went down with a vengeance. We tried super gluing (I hope that is a verb) the metal pieces so that it once again rest on the light bulb. Super glue should be banned from this earth. Super glue attaches to the thing it should not attach to and of course glues everything you have not targeted for gluing.  The connecting pieces of my glue work popped out of place as soon as I walked away. Of course I put paper under the gluing project to avoid a larger scale mess. This of course caused a larger scale mess. The Sunday paper was now glued to the table.  I decided to throw away the super glue. It had caused enough damage. I put a stupid red lamp shade on the floor lamp. It looks like it is being punished.  I found the cap to the super glue fastened to the fire place mantle.

I scratch super glue off my hands all day long.

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