Friday, April 21, 2006

Joe Sofa King Cool

The other day I pulled into another lane rather quickly as anther car stopped suddenly in front of me.

Of course I did not plan this thing out as I never realized that I was pulling out in from of one of the bigger flaming idiots on the planet

He was a flamer with an anger problem.

I pulled down my window and decided to listen to his poetic anger spewed wrath.

His words were something like this.

I am going to follow you and smash your car to pieces and then I am going to pull you out of the car and beat the living shit out of you….you stupid mother fucker.

As I was rolling up the window, I said to him.

Good Luck with that.

He peeled out.

A sure sign that he is cool.

He was driving a Camaro.

Another sign of cool ness.

Then we hit hit some more traffic by the Sylvan tunnel.

Somebody else pulled out in front of him.

I was off the hook for now.  

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