Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Lamps (redux)

Well I have been trying to complete this car transaction with US Bank for a while.   I make an appointment for 5:30 yesterday and I had all the paperwork ready and I was somewhat excited about closing this transaction that has gone on way too long. I gave all the information to the bank officer and he said “Are you sure this transaction is with U/S. Bank”.  I pointed to where I had written it down and assured that it was.

Only one thing I had overlooked, I was sitting in a Washington Mutual Bank. Why does every Bank have be in the same place with some variation of Red, White and Blue. Those colours can be so over rated.

I went to the lamp hospital yesterday. I went to the store where I had purchased the one gigantic lamp . I asked the stock clerk (repair technician) if I could look at the floor model and could we take the basre apart to see how it works. He agreed so we set the lamp on its’ side so that we could see how the thing works. The technician walked to the back to get his tool chest as I stood next to the lamp lying on it side.  A customer walked into the store as I stood there and looked at the lamp then looked at me and said…

“You Killed It”

I replied. “Almost”  

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